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I just purchased your "Tie Dye Crash Course" video and let me tell you, I am extremely happy with everything I've seen so far. First off you have the perfect voice and tone for this (well, and you're good-looking, too, which helps!). I can't tell you how annoying and distracting it is when somebody doesn't have the voice for  this.

Your instructions are so plain and simple and easily understood and the little side notes you mention along the way, giving reasons why you don't do things a certain way, etc., are so helpful. And you show a project from the very start to the very end.

Especially love the way you show many, many samples of each technique to help us use our imaginations. There is a TON of info to absorb in just this one video!

Thanks for your time!

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Phat dyes owner is great. He is personable, helpful and answers our questions very quickly. We are totally satisfied with our find with this vendor and owner.

How-to Tie Dye Crash Course DVD 1


It was just what I was looking for.

Tie Dye Crash Course DVD Set of 2 and 3


I was very pleased with the DVD set I bought. The instruction is marvelous! Brad Garrett does great work!

Tie Dye Crash Course DVD Sets


Fast, great service. great quality videos. Will order from again.

Videos 1, 2, & 3


I received my order in just a matter of days....sooner than promised on the website. Excellent product as well.

Video 1


Brad was fantastic with his service and lead times - shipping was quick and packaging good and secure! Brilliant service form a very professional supplier! Thank you!

Int-Tie Dye Crash Course - Series


Your dvd's give really clear instructions and are packed with so many useful tips (that are very difficult to find elsewhere!) so i am very grateful to have them - Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge and expertise, they have been an invaluable guide in helping me grow as a competent Tie Dye 'artist'.

'Thank you'

Kind regards



Hi Brad,
I recently received your "The Works" kit and have been having an AWESOME time creating masterpieces right out of the gate.  I am also a drummer so your soundtracks really make watching the videos a delight.
Thank you,
"Im going to watch it again and again.  I have been dying for 25 years and after watching your video Ive realized Ive got a lot of room to improve.  I cant wait to dye and send you some photos.  Thanks -David"


WOW!  your dvds are amazingly educational! i am so glad that i got your dvds.



I bought the set of 3 DVD's and am loving them!  My shirts are turning out great.



thanks for putting out your DVDs, it is always cool to see how someone else does it!




I am learning by doing... learning from your expertise. The unselfish manner in which you respond to your fans and patience with people is remarkable. I've learned a great deal by watching the Crash Course video in regards to my being to heavy handed with the dye to reducing my prep time. 

You have taught this old dyer new tricks.  My family and friends love the new looks of my work.

Your instruction, experience, and expertise has breathed new life into my creative tie-dying endeavors all of which is noted by those who know me and receive gifts of dyed shirts.  I have set up permanently or at least for the summer on my half of the garage so I can be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Dye and play around with all I've learned.  Thank you for sharing your work and for conveying the "how-to" in such an easy to understand set of DVDs.

David K.


For detailed information on how I make tie dyes, buy my videos.

I have been making tie dyes since 1990, and I have learned how to make them by investing thousands of dollars in materials, and thousands of hours, alone, making tie dyes. Before I could make tie dyes, when I would see them, they were like  magic tricks to me. I could see everything, but I couldn't understand how it came to be.

My tie dye videos answer your questions about tie dye, from my point of view. And that is, "I don't understand how these have come to be". For example, I tried to make the tie dye star pattern for years, before I happened upon how it works. I love the tie dye star pattern. I had been making tie dyes for about 10 or 12 years, before I learned the technique. This design was one magic trick I loved to see. I can spot a tie dye star from a mile away. So for the first 10 or 12 years I made tie dyes, if you could make the star pattern, you were a master & better than me.

So if you're learning how to tie dye apparel, and you don't know how to make the tie dye star, you really need to spend the $20, and save yourself years of time and hundreds of dollars, trying to unlock the combination to the star pattern tie dye.

To me, there is a ladder that you climb when you learn how to make tie dyes. It's the ladder of tie dye patterns. So way up the ladder, past patterns and stars, are the objects. These are the designs that have the really wavy and sharp turning lines. Once your skill level is high enough, you will understand how to fold intricate tie dye patterns using the sharp turns and bending lines.

This is where designs like the tie dye butterfly come in. This is one of those objects that has the sharp turning lines and other intricate folds. I didn't understand how to make these types of patterns, until I had one major turning point in my understanding. I teach you what came from that understanding in my 3rd video, the tie dye crash course on butterflies. You should spend $20 on my video, and skip all the time, money, and effort needed to figure it out on your own.

I teach you things you probably have never seen in the tie dye crash course on butterflies. So go ahead, and get yourself up to speed on these techniques.

4 years have gone by since I release the tie dye crash course series, which includes three (3) tie dye instructional videos. Now I'm ready to teach you all the next levels in tie dye design. I call it the Secret to Advanced Tie Dye, because that's what it is. In this new video I take you further into tie dye than I have ever taught. My goal is to teach you how to easily create the advanced patterns.

In this new video, I don't just show you how I create the designs, I tell you as I go along, tips and things I have learned about each design that I consider and think about as I make them. My goal is to convey to you the techniques I use, so you can create what ever design you want.

Yes I teach you how to create the advanced tie dye hippie clothes, but more importantly I teach you the techniques I use to create them. It's the techniques that will open the doors for you to create the patterns and designs you want to make. Understanding how to make the cotton apparel do what you want, and how to color it to look right, is more important than just making the design. Tie Dye is a craft that requires different techniques to express the idea. The more you know, the more you show.

Another way to think about the price to learn the advanced tie dye techniques is once you have the knowledge the art you create will change. You will be able to make tie dyes that you never could before, and seeing those new tie dyes you made will make you feel great inside!



Whoo hoo, just finished watching your DVD (it arrived this morning) and it was great. I really appreciate seeing all of the folding and tying with the filler scrunching in between, I've wondered how that was done on the more complex designs.


I mentioned this before but I really liked seeing how you unfolded the tees after having dyed them. This is something that is over-looked in the other videos I've seen. Being able to see the Tie Dye as it's unfolding and seeing the actual placement of the colors is priceless.  Showing where the dye goes and then showing a washed out t-shirt doesn't cut it as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks for a job well done,



Brad Garrett

Making tie dyes can be very fun, but you need to take precautions when working with the chemicals. Make sure to wear a dust mask and use some kind of gloves to prevent the chemicals getting on your hands. Choose a well ventilated work environment where an accident won’t destroy something. Spilling one jar of dye can leave permanent splash stains many feet away.


Learning how to tie dye a 'V' pattern design begins by soaking your 100% cotton into ...

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